Sunday, June 28, 2015

Color Games and Seeds of Peace. A Maine Photographer and Mother

Today I want to share a story with you about my son Joshua.  He's packing today, readying himself to attend a 17 day experience at a little camp in Maine called Seeds of Peace.  Joshua attended two summers ago, and to say the experienced changed his life may seem a bit overstated...afterall...he was just 15 years old the first time he went, and his life was not particularly difficult...but...this two week experience from the summer of 2013 set him on a new challenge on how he can change the world...or at least his town...or just maybe his attitude at a time.

Josh was offered the opportunity to go to Seeds of Peace as a student of Westbrook High School, not because of his grades, but because of his community service.  As his parents, we filled out the application, applied for scholarships, and wished him well, not really comprehending how this two week experience would change his outlook...change his life.

Josh's favorite part of the two week program was how the experience ended, with an event called "the color games".  He talked about how much fun it was.  How everyone participated...and I can't even recall if he was on a winning side or not, I just remember how he smiled talking about it.

Fast forward to Westbrook High 2014.  Bad press.  Student parties.  Suspensions.  School officials and school staff and elected officials in the press.  Lots and lots of negativity.  Joshua believes his school could benefit from a day of color games.  He brings the idea to a few key people at the school. It's a no-go for 2014, just not enough time to pull it off, however they give Josh the green light, if he can raise the money for it and plan all the games, they'll give him full cooperation and an entire school day to hold the games in 2015.

And now here we are...on the eve of Joshua's return to Seeds of Peace.  The Westbrook High color games have come and gone.  Hours and hours of meetings, planning, and business door to door fund raising.  He surrounded himself with a core group of friends who stood by him throughout the planning.  He pulled it off, despite numerous set backs.  He never gave up.  He is an inspiration.

...and yes...I am his very proud Mom :)

He invited me on game day to document.  Here is my 4 minute recap.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Anniversary Celebration! A Maine Cat Photographer

I like to photograph Everything.
Let me make that clear.

But, this blog post is all about the CATS!
This month marks 5 YEARS I have been photographing the cats at the Animal Refuge League.

I have photographed 1000 cats per year.
This month marks 5000 cats.
That's a pretty impressive number don't you think?

So, I wanted to throw myself a party!
But, what kind of party does one throw for oneself to celebrate the photographing of my five thousandth cat?
One thing is for sure, it must include cake!

Soooooooooo, help me out!  Let's celebrate.  Any cool ideas out there?  I'm listening!

Until then, I invite you to share a photo of your cat over on my facebook page.
It's a business page, so you don't need to be "on" facebook to visit!
I'm going to start a post and I want you to share your cat photos in the comments!

Here are a few photos of current cats available for adoption at the ARL.  Check them out!  Then come visit me on my Minor Moments Photography Facebook page!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Welcoming Summer, a Maine Photographer

Every once in awhile it's good to do "nothin"
For me that was last night.
Last year on summer solstice eve a group of us got together and just hung out at Pine Point beach and enjoyed each other's company along with a variety of comfort food.
This year we planned to do the same.
I did grab one of my camera' that I am not afraid of taking to the beach, even when I am consuming adult beverages and kicking up sand.
I enjoy playing with my camera.
That's what I do.
Here are a few of my favorites.
Welcome summer!  It was a long time getting here!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tribute to my Mom friends and their Graduating Boys

Without a doubt, the best part of my life is being a Mom. 
I didn't always feel like this. I do at this time in my life. 
I am dedicating this blog post to some of my Mom friends, who have sons graduating tomorrow. When doing Senior photos, I always try and remember to ask the Moms if they would like to take a photo with their child. Many say no, they are not prepared...and although I certainly want to respect their wishes, as each day passes and I see how life changes in an instant, I will continue to ask my Moms if they would like a photo of themselves with their child. 
It's my thing. 
It's a Minor Moment. 
Here is a special shout out to some particular Mom's, who said yes to a photo. Don't judge them. They didn't dress for the photo. That is not the point. It's a Minor Moment. It's a once in a lifetime. ..and when possible, I think every son should have a photo taken with his Mom. I can also add, that these five boys, I have watched them grow, and photographed them as the years have flown by...that is why I have two photos of each, a young photo, and a current photo. Moms change too :)     

Kelly and Parker

Andrea and Michael

Mary and James

Mark, Jackie and Chad

Trish and Patrick

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day from a Maine Photographer

Here is a little something I started last year, here in my home town.
I know I'm not the only Mom who finds herself missing from a lot of the family photos.
I thought it would be fun to go to the park, before the prom, and offer the Moms a chance to be in a photo with their child.
I can say I'm doing it for them...but I'm doing it for me too.
As a Mom to two teenage boys I know these photos will be forever treasures.
Thank you to all the Moms who took a moment to capture this whirlwind of a time with me :)
All photos will be available for online sharing and purchasing shortly.  Please just come back here in a few days and I will post a link for you. the meantime...
Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Joanne the Patient Maine Photographer

In the past 8 days I have photographed over 50 cats that are available for adoption at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Because there are cats, cats and more CATS available, I was asked to come in an additional day to take photos.  I agreed, but asked to have a sidekick to help me so I could get in and out quickly.  Having someone to help me allows me to hold my camera with two hands and let someone else be responsible for trying to get the kitty's attention and also ensure that the cat doesn't escape while I'm trying to capture that perfect photo for the website.  The perfect photo that will help someone fall in love and connect with an animal waiting for a home.

Patience was the word described by my sidekick, for the job we were doing.
...and yes...more patience.
I do not believe that word is currently in my resume.
I do believe I will add it.
Patience.  It is what I do.  It is what I have.  It is a virtue :)

Minor Moments Patient Photography.

Bring it on!

Here is just a small selection of the beautiful cats waiting for someone to fall in love with them.













every once in a while I find a dog...this is Ziggy




Marco and Polo














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