Thursday, April 27, 2017

Joanne's Big Adventure in Okinawa Day 5. A Maine Photographer

Wow, Joanne is super busy, yes that is a good thing, and thank you for visiting here often as I blog and share photos of my adventures in Okinawa.  I am still going to blog my eight day adventure, but it's now more than obvious it will take me more than eight days to do it :)

Day 5 was a battle sights of Okinawa tour.  A few months before our visit Jill asked me if we had done any research in what we wanted to do while we were visiting, and asked if a battle sight tour was of any interest to us.  "Absolutely" I said!!  Time for my confession.  I suck at US history.  There is no simpler way to say it.  I can't tell you much about the wars of our country, and my lack of knowledge in this area is sometimes an embarrassment to the other members of my family.  It's not because I don't want to know, and I am often times motivated to learn more, but life goes on and when the opportunity to watch or read comes about and there is a choice between love and war, love wins out each and every time.  But my other half, on the other hand, can often be found snoozing in his oversized stuffed recliner, tuned in and out of the history channel and the great war battles of our when Jill asked about our interest, I knew this was something that Matt would be interested in and enjoy.  So Jill went to work on securing tickets for us on a particular tour, well known for it's wealth of info.  She also told us we should see Mel Gibson's latest release, Hacksaw Ridge, and possibly "The Pacific" if we had time.

We did half of our homework and viewed Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge...and just like that, my US history lesson on the Battle of Okinawa began.  (and yes, there is a tad bit of romance in the movie too...)

Marine Chris Majewski was our instructor and our tour guide.  I was impressed.  I've included a link in his name if you are interested in learning more, but for this blog, it's all about my photos...

Our first stop, Hacksaw Ridge, but that is not the real name of the ridge, the real name is Maeda Escarpment...and it's smaller then what is depicted in the movie, but the story of Desmond Doss, that is real, and the story of him saving 75 men on this ridge, that is real too.

View from on top of Hacksaw Ridge

yes, the very spot Private Desmond Doss lowered 75 men to safety

This, again, reminded me of a Star Wars movie scene

In the Underground Headquarters

At Peace Prayer Park

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Joanne's Big Adventure in Japan day 4. A Maine Photographer

Day 4 started off with a visit to Camp Foster Marine base for a Vendor fair.  What a great morning.  Matt and I had a chance to pick up some unique Okinawa souvenirs, and eat some local cuisine from the food trucks, but the best part of all was the animal rescue group on site with cats and dogs available for adoption.  Having been away from our animals for over 72 hours at this point, both Matt and I were in need of a serious 4 legged love fest... 😍 😻🐢🐢🐢 !!!

After the vendor fair we headed to Kokusai Street in Naha to visit, to view and experience, and to shop.  Jill had been promising us "cake" for days, and since both Matt and I have sworn off, at least for the foreseeable future all empty calorie treats, we were temporarily waiving our rigid diet requirements to engage in the local cake cuisine!!

But first, some pictures of our scenery from the car.  I was trying to capture the mood and feel of the island.  Some familiar sights with a twist.  Hey, did you know that KFC is a pretty huge tradition on Christmas day for the Japanese...I had no idea.  

Blue Seal in Japan is where you go for ice cream...not Blue Seal Feeds as we are accustom to in Maine.

Now, the remaining photos are from Kokusai street in Naha, the feel right here, in this one spot is very modern...even the cars look like the size we are used to in the states...but this is very unique to this spot.

Vending machines are HUGE presence on the island.  Even a hot coffee can be purchased, in a can, from a vending machine.

a quick trip into the drug store...I left confused and empty handed...really not sure what part of the body these products are for...

Happy cat, or Maneki-neko another Japanese traditional belief

Habu Sake.  Yup disgusting.

Perfect example of why I didn't mind being chauffeured in Okinawa...the narrow streets...and with that a greater understanding of the large number of tiny cars on the road.

Let them eat cake :)  Baumkucheon, German layered cake.

Photographing a brown owl...on my bucket list...check...  :)

Our daily Shisa photo

Our evening dinner spot.  Arin Krin Garlic House in Urasoe-shi, garlic in Every dish!!


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