Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ground Zero Through the Eyes of a Maine Photographer

Two years ago I visited ground zero in New York City.
On today's 911 anniversary I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from that visit.

Our visit to ground zero, truly a humbling experience.
I've also included an all inclusive slideshow of our family weekend visit to New York City.
If it's not on your bucket list yet, I highly recommend it.

My all inclusive 24 hour family get-a-way to New York City slideshow

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Senior Portrait Time. A Maine Photographer

I interrupt this beautiful summer day to remind those of you that this applies too, that Senior Portrait season is happening now!  Most schools require the photos be turned in some time between September and October. I am happy to do that for you.  Book your session with me today and I am happy to submit your choices to the yearbook for you.  BAM another item off your plate :)
My packages are on my website here
I am doing my best to make this as easy for the parents as possible.
Local Westbrook locations are $99 for the photoshoot and yearbook submissions.  I do that for you!
Outside Westbrook locations are $150
We get it done in under one hour.
I've included a little video below.  It's not just Senior portraits.  It's a little something I had put together for my friends who had kids graduation from Westbrook this 2014 season.  Photos I took this past year...BUT there are some of my sample Senior Portraits included...many many good times :)

So, call me!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer Break Through the Lens of a Point and Shoot. A Maine Photographer

So I write to you once again.
This week my blog focus is just catching up on the personal stuff.

It's been a few months, more than I like to admit, that I have been experiencing arm and shoulder pain.
Our insurance deductible is very high and this does cause me to pause before I seek medical attention.
Last June, 2013 one of my boys was hit in the face with a disc golf frisbee.  Insurance didn't cover a dime of the emergency room visit or the followups...and yes...14 months later I have finally paid off this bill.

Fast forward to Spring 2014.  My routine physical brings me news of additional requirements on my own preventive care.  An additional mammo...$$$...then an ultrasound...$$$...I'm happy to report that these tests have left me with a clean bill of health for the immediate future...but the bills are just beginning to roll in.  I finally had to admit that my shoulder issues were not getting better and that I was going to need to get some medical attention.  It was becoming quite evident that I couldn't do my work, the work I do everyday and love so much...because just lifting my 10 pound camera to my eye was causing me extreme pain and discomfort.   I did seek some help and I am getting better everyday.  This past week my other son Nick was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This was caught extremely early so gratefully he should make a full recovery.  I'm not really sure how much of a dent our family is making on that high deductible but I'm guessing by the time Joshua has his wisdom teeth pulled in November we may start to benefit?

So, one of the things I'm doing for myself to help heal my shoulder is to limit the use of my heavy camera equipment to paid work.  All personal family time photos I have been using a small Nikon "point and shoot" that weighs less than a pound.  I know many of you out there have great camera phones...but I am not one of them.  I have a "Love Hate" relationship with my point and shoot...I love that it is light and I can take it with me everywhere...but I hate that it doesn't give me the results I am looking for. Just like anything else that is worth the effort, getting to know my point and shoot is taking time...and I seem to delete more photos than I keep...but heck...most of these are just for fun.  Capturing a moment in time.  Good times :)

First up... a Friday night beach gathering of our boot camp group.  Minor Moments Captured...on a point and shoot :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lanie & Donald. A Maine Photographer doing what she does Best in Salem MA

This past Saturday I had the greatest pleasure to photograph the wedding of Lanie and Donald in Salem Massachusetts.  What an incredibly fun day it was!  I came home exhausted and content, and even 24 hours later I was still smiling.  These two NEVER stopped smiling...not for a moment, and the love and respect they have for their families and for each other shines through in everything they do.  Two very beautiful people blessed to have found each other and so very excited to begin their lives together as husband and wife.
AND I get to join them for a day and capture all of these once in a lifetime memories...and what FUN it was!  ...and...Saturday's about that!  I first met with Lanie and Donald for an engagement shoot on March 5th, and it was a balmy 18 degrees in the Old Port that day.  Lanie had lost her wallet the previous evening, we had a fresh wintry mix of ice and snow on the ground and in the morning chaos of canceling credit cards she was not really feeling much like doing a photo shoot.  We kept our morning coffee date and talked non stop about their wedding plans.  Kudos to Lanie and Donald...with all that had been going on that morning they agreed to a walk in the brisk temperatures for a few photos.

 So, before I share my favorite photos from their day, I have two things to share...well my photos share what I am feeling, and my goal is that you will feel it too, however there are two particular things that Donald said on Saturday that I am taking the liberty and creative license to share with all of you.

Lanie and Donald had decided to do their formal photos before the ceremony so that they could fully participate in the awesome reception party they had planned for their guest...yes including a Mardi Gras parade to escort everyone from the church to the reception at the Capt's Waterfront Bar and Grill.  I suggested we do a "first look" before starting the portraits to add a little fun to this very special day.  Our spectacular backdrop (The Friendship) was perfection...but it is what Donald said right after his first look that had me seeing blue birds fluttering about...he said
 "you...look ANGEL"

Gulp. :) (that's me gulping...) ( OMG how sweet!)

The second thing he said just kept me grinning all day long as I continued to photographed him., he said his smile would look like "The Joker" by the end of the day...and I have to agree 100%

Here is the sneak peek I sent to Lanie and Donald, who are currently enjoying this gorgeous weather and each other on their honeymoon.  They approved my sharing it with all of you!  What's not to approve...this was one very FUN day!

On a personal note.  The engagement shoot and sneak peek are two of the very special benefits of hiring Minor Moments Photography :)

A very special thank you to Cady Voyer for side kicking with me and capturing many of these once in a lifetime memories, and a very special thank you to Pam and Scott, sister and brother-in-law to Lanie, for the most wonderful referral :)

  To view the FUN click this link or the photo below :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Jennifer and Chunhing. A Maine Wedding Photographer

Last weekend I traveled to Assonet Massachusetts to photograph the wedding of Jennifer and Chunhing.
A spectacular day. A gorgeous venue. A beautiful happy couple.
I love my job!
I was referred to Jenni and Chun through a friend.
I have said it many times, a referral is the GREATEST compliment I can receive.
Thank you Philip and Jill for introducing me to your friends :)
...and thank you Jenni and Chunhing for allowing me to capture you very special day...and those gorgeous kids too...Lillie, Ella and Jacob!

Both Jenni and Chunhing are serving our great country in the Navy, and soon both will be living in Virginia.

My first time to this venue, Independence Harbor in Assonet MA, was in April, when I met Jenni and Chun for the first time.  They invited me to Sunday brunch where they would be choosing the food for their menu. The grounds were beautiful in March, but they were breathtaking in June.

I absolutely enjoy a couple when they can be confident that all of their planning is now underway and it's time to ENJOY the celebration of marriage and all of their family.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

...and if you wish to see more, here is the storybook version with music :)  click on the link, or the photo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's A Dogs Life. A Maine Photographer

This blog post is a month overdue.
My apologies.
I do not like excuses.
I have many of them to justify my tardiness, but I will not use them.

In my last post I introduced you to the three families taking in each of Chloe's pups...and my family was one of them.  We have Violet.

Chloe stayed at the breeders SnowyPaws for two weeks after we brought Violet home...because she was still taking care of Edy's babies. I helped Rushell with that vet puppy visit...that was fun.  This was my greeting when I first arrived to help.  All 7 of Edy's pups saying hello!

 Chloe providing a feeding before we loaded up the pups in totes for the ride to the vet.

 Pups were given their first deworming and a puppy shot...and weighed and cleared for take off  :)

 Our vet was Dr Timothy Friel of the Westbrook Animal Hospital, and helping him is Liz, a familiar face to me...we bump into each other regularly at the Animal Refuge League.
 Then back into the totes for the ride home.

...and I haven't yet mentioned how we keep it all straight...which puppy is which?  This time it was a number on the belly :)

...and to finish off this long overdue post that I am not making excuses for, here is a little bit of what things are like at home now that Chloe has returned, to find not only her very own daughter...but her very own playmate too.

Happy Home.  Happy Dogs.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Chloe's First Mother's Day. The Purple Litter goes Home. A Maine Photographer

Last Saturday, May 3rd, Chloe's puppies went to their forever homes, and I am grateful to the families for letting me be a part of this day.  Three puppies all together, three homes.  If you have been following my blog, you already know that my family decided to keep the third puppy, the newest guardian pup for SnowyPaw's!  Her name is Violet, and she's the latest love of our life.  Yes, Joanne is having a very special Mother's Day too this year!  Happy Mother's Day Chloe!

We have known the families that both Beckett and Jaxson were going to, for a bit now, and I'm grateful to both Rushell at SnowyPaw's and to the individual families who shared their individual stories with me.  This is just another reminder that we all have stuff going on in our lives...we all do...sometimes we are just so unaware.  There is a saying out there, I've been seeing it pop up on facebook quite a bit, it goes something like this...treat everyone with kindness for you have no idea what they may be going through.  Again, I am both grateful and full of admiration to these families.  I am also just a wee bit overjoyed that Chloe's puppies are bringing "Joy to the World" as corny as that may sound.  Here are some photos I took prior to the first pick up at 10 am.

These first two are Chloe and Violet.

This next one is Chloe and Jaxson

And here is Chloe and Beckett.  My husband helped me with these photos.  We wanted to be sure to provide each family with a photo of their new baby and baby's Mommy :)

This next photo is one of Chloe's pups bidding farewell to Edy's litter.  They have shared most of their lives together at this point.  I thought it was a bittersweet goodbye...and worth capturing :)

Next, we have Beckett and Jaxson very much ready to meet their new families!!

And I can't forget my beautiful Mama Chloe, very happy for the visit
 and next is me trying to capture her funny smile.  She looks viscous, but she is so very happy!

This is Violet, taken the moment we brought her home.

Beckett goes home!
10:00 sharp I met the Stack family.  I had been corresponding with Shari for a couple of weeks.  Shari shared that her 4 year old son Liam had picked out the name Beckett.  Shari shared that she has never had a dog before, so Beckett is her first, and she shared that she is not able to have any more children due to medication that she is on after suffering from two strokes after the birth of Liam.  
I am so grateful to Shari and her family for sharing their story, and so happy to welcome them into Chloe's family!

Jaxson goes home!
1:00 I met the Myrick Family.  Mom Penny and daughter Brittany came to pick up Jaxson.  I had been corresponding with Penny and she too agreed to share her very personal story.  Penny has previously shared her life with 3 other golden retrievers, the last one past away at the age of 11 last June, and Penny and family truly believe their house is just not home without a golden, so they are welcoming Jaxson with open arms.  Penny is currently on medical leave fighting a very personal battle with breast cancer.  She is currently going through chemo and very much looking forward to some puppy cuddles.  Once Jaxson is a bit more mature Penny plans to get him certified as an official therapy dog!  

I am so grateful to the Stack family and the Myrick family for letting me share their very personal stories and photos with you.  I am so grateful for Rushell at Snowypaw's for picking my family to raise Chloe.  My heart is just so full!
Happy Mother's Day Chloe
Happy Mother's Day Rushell
Happy Mother's Day Shari
Happy Mother's Day Penny
and is a very Happy Mother's Day for Joanne


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